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Learn more about Zi Dobre's Grape Seed Powder:
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Learn more about Zi Dobre's Grape Seed Powder:

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Our grape seed powder is an all natural, plant-based source of antioxidants. It is highly concentrated with polyphenols and other micro-elements. Grapes are one of the key ingredients to the Mediterranean diet, which has been associated with numerous health benefits and anti-aging properties. Our Grape Seed Powder is one of the most concentrated forms of antioxidants on the market today.

How it works

The Clear | Grape Seed Powder provides a potent supply of polyphenols and micro-elements.  Polyphenols are bioactive compounds with strong antioxidant properties. Consuming polyphenols is thought to boost digestion and brain health as well as to protect against heart disease, type II diabetes, and even certain cancers. These compounds, naturally found in plant foods and fruits, help prevent cell oxidation and battle free radicals.  Polyphenols have been proven to reduce inflammation, prevent metabolic disease, protect from environmental toxins, and regulate blood sugar.  

The Benefits of Digesting Polyphenols:

  1. Lowers risk of heart disease
  2. Lowers cholesterol levels
  3. Promotes healthy digestion
  4. Prevents disease (including certain cancers)
  5. Prevents skin damage from UV and Photo Carcinogens
  6. Prevents Cognitive Disease/Decline
  7. Excellent source of Resveratrol
  8. Anti-aging properties through antioxidants.
  9. Reduces risk of diabetes
  10. Improves cardiovascular health
  11. Improves men’s fertility
  12. Improves GI tract health
  13. Manages body weight
  14. Increases blood oxygen levels
  15. Increases energy and vitality
  16. Eliminates “hang-overs”
  17. Removes oxidative stress

Resveratrol in Grapes

Our CLEAR | Grape Seed Powder is also a good source of resveratrol; a substance that grapevines produce to protect themselves from environmental stressors. Resveratrol is an anti-aging force of nature, quite literally, that firms, sculpts, and smooths wrinkles as well as prevent skin cancer.  One source of Resveratrol is extracted from grapevine stalks, which, it’s relevant to note, is one of the rare plant species that can live up to 120 years. Resveratrol has been proven to have a positive effect on all sorts of cellular functions ranging from metabolism to cardiac function.


1. Skin Damage Prevention

In lab studies, resveratrol is highly effective at preventing skin cancer caused by carcinogens. The powerful active also enhances elastin and collagen, increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid, and firms skin by stimulating proteins.

2. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Polyphenol rich diets have been associated with the risk reduction of cardiovascular disease thereby promoting optimal aging. The compounds found in polyphenols counteract the burden of oxidative stress and influences.  The anti-aging molecules are extremely effective to improve blood quality, assists in it’s transportation throughout the body, and clears the veins from harmful build up. Making the Clear | Grape Seed Powder an amazing tool in the fight against stroke and heart attacks.

3. Positive effects in Cholesterol

The polyphenols and resveratrol found in grape seed powder have been linked to reduced cholesterol.  Findings demonstrate that three major polyphenolic compounds present in a particular grape seed have cholesterol-lowering activity by inhibiting pancreatic cholesterol esterase, binding of bile acids, and reducing solubility of cholesterol in micelles which may result in delayed cholesterol absorption. 

4. Brain Health

Research attests to the fact that polyphenols may actually help to lower the risk of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s due to their role in combating oxidative stress. The nanotechnology used to manufacture the Clear | Grape Seed Powder allows the particles to be absorbed into the brain. In addition, natural polyphenol decreases behavioral symptoms of depression and improves biological parameters associated with depression.  The effects of resveratrol treatment are similar to those of classical antidepressants validating its potential use as a therapeutic agent.

The Manufacturing Process

The Clear Grape Seed product is created using raw material (a by-product) of the wine making process. Though often discarded, the seeds are said to be the part of the grape that is most conducive to health. Manufactured with nanotechnology, our product is laboratory tested, vegan, all natural, gluten free, GMO free, providing essential minerals & micro elements.

The grape selection is very important.  We are selective using only blue grapes, grown with biodynamic cultivation techniques to maximize the potency.  The grapes are processed using mechanical means to crush grapes to remove all oil and moisture. The raw material is then flash frozen until the grapes are processed.  Our Clear | Grape Seed Powder is not an extract and no chemicals are ever used to create our final product.  Cold water is the only resource utilized. 

The reason our grape seed powder is so powerful is the purity and nanotechnology used.  Our particles are less than 10 microns. This allows the potent supply of microelements and antioxidants to travel in the bloodstream unlike any other product available on the market. The tiny particles have the ability to travel in the veins supplying the brain as well.


Our Clear | Grape Seed Powder is rich in polyphenols and resveratrol, proven to have multiple health benefits. It is also EU Certified (recognition that shows customers that company has taken care of regulatory obligations)

It also has a wide variety of microelements and no allergens, making it suitable for patients of all ages and conditions.

To learn more about ZiDobre’s Clear | Grape Seed Powder, visit https://zidobre.com/products/grape-seed-powder



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