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Hyperpigmentation Treatment
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Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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Hyperpigmentation is very common. Dealing with skin issues including but not limited to hyperpigmentation can be very detrimental to our self esteem and confidence. We want to share Adriana’s skin care journey and her experience with hyperpigmentation, from the moment it began to how she conquered and successfully got her confidence back after so many years. Adriana is Zi Dobré’s co-founder and our first ever client. She had been keeping this a secret from the Zi Dobré team and she finally decided to share her story. We hope that this encourages you to take charge of your self confidence and to take steps towards improving your life and well being.

Adriana's Journey: Where It All Started.

It all began about 10 years ago when Adriana noticed the appearance of freckles. The dark spots got worse over time with the addition of stress. Adriana says, “I wore a lot of makeup. But, it was very frustrating because the more you hide them [the dark spots] the more you see them.” She decided to consult a dermatologist who advised her to use “Tri-Luma” (Melasma Treatment). This treatment helped a bit, but according to Adriana, it “burned her skin and caused extreme peeling. It was painful.” So, she decided to stop this treatment. Then, she considered laser treatment. However, her physician said that it would not make a difference, and that the side effects of laser treatment would be more detrimental in the long run.

She resorted to speaking to a gynecologist to see if the spots could be treated with hormone therapy. Still nothing. What’s next? A healthier diet. “I thought that maybe, if I ate more nutritious foods and cut fat from my diet, I would see a difference. I did, but not enough to help my confidence” says Adriana. That’s when Paul (Zi Dobré’s founder) came into her life. He came back home from a trip to Slovakia preaching about the benefits of grape seed. That’s when the imaginary light bulb turned on. Grapeseed for skin care. After trying everything, Adriana had nothing to lose. So, she did what she does best. She took a chance.

Adriana Finally Finds Hope

Adriana began taking the grapeseed powder with water and began to see slight improvement to her skin and even noticed some weight loss.  Hope showed up in the form of the grape seed oil.  “It was fascinating.” The search for a cure led her to the development of several new products including Zi Dobré’s face & body scrub as well as face mask. With a renewed sense of hope, Adriana developed the Zi Dobre Vinotherapy Treatment. The results began manifesting themselves days later. Within three months, her dark spots were barely noticeable. 

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Adriana's Full-Proof ZiDobre Routine:

  • Step 1: RADIATE | Face & Body Scrub (3x a week)
  • Step 2: Zi Dobre Cleanser (2x day + evening) - Soon to be launched on www.zidobre.com!
  • Step 3: RENEW | Face Mask (2x a week)
  • Step 4: Toner (2x day + night) 
  • Step 4: Oil (2x day + night)
  • Step 5: Sunscreen (2x day + night) ** because blue light can also damage your skin!

In time, Adriana's trust in all-natural and organic products proved to be life changing.  Sometimes, hope is all we need. The days that were filled with shame and a dark secret turned into days of endless possibilities.  The insecurities that had been like chains, were now wings ready for flight. 

 Adriana's Confidence Transformation

When asked about changes in her confidence, Adriana has a lot to say. When I first asked her, her immediate response was “have you seen my recent Instagram post? I would’ve never posted something like that a year ago. I would’ve been too ashamed of people looking at and judging my dark spots”

Instagram post of woman sitting on a boat at the beach wearing a hat and a blue bikini.

 On a deeper note, Adriana says, “I used to not let my husband see me without makeup. At night, I would wash my face and put make up on before going to bed. I didn't want my husband to see me like that. I didn’t want him to not like me because of my scars. Now, I walk around my house without makeup. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.” This is nothing but inspiring. Empowering. At the end of the day, you must love yourself in order to love others fully and let them see every side of you without feeling ashamed anymore. Adriana does not feel ashamed anymore. She feels comfortable in her own skin and she owes it all to the grape and, of course, her determination to better her circumstances.


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"Every single woman should be using these products. It’s time to do your research about the products you are digesting and putting on

your skin. Don’t trust labels. Do your homework”

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