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1895 Lakeshore DrWeston, FL  33326

1895 Lakeshore DrWeston, FL  33326

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Copy of About Us



It all started when Zi Dobre's founder, Paul Huizenga, lost his wife to cancer on Christmas Day of 2018. He took upon a personal journey of self-discovery and found himself in the wine gardens of Slovakia.

After taking grape-seed powder, he felt incredible: a feeling he had missed for a very long time. He wanted to share this with everyone else back home. So he did. This is when he met Zi Dobre's co-founder, Adriana Christie. She believed in this brand. She also began to take grape-seed powder and soon noticed smoother skin, increased energy and even weight loss. 

Later on, our brand strategist came on board (James Allen). James created and developed our brand personality, identity, and voice.

The grape is the heart of heart of Zi Dobre. It symbolizes luck and divine guidance. We can only hope you allow us to share the uniqueness and healing properties of the grape.

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At Zi Dobre, we want to be innovators. We want to make a change as the leading providers of the grape for skin care and wellness benefits. We hope that, through our products, you can overcome those insecurities or obstacles that may block you from being your truest self. 

Additionally, our products are 100% organic, unfiltered, natural and non-comedogenic. With that said, our products and brand culture are an extension of the qualities we aspire to have: pure, unfiltered, and inclusive.


We have a challenge for you. Go home and look at the brands you support, and ask yourself: "Why?" "What’s the connection?" At the end of the day, It’s ok if you don’t choose us, but we just ask that you support brands that speak to you. At Zi Dobre, we have humble and simple goals. We want to be human. We want to give back to the community through our non profit and corporate charity sponsorships. With you on our side, nothing is impossible!

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