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1895 Lakeshore Dr Weston, FL 33326

De lunes a viernes, de 9 a. M. A 5 p. M.

Polyphenols For Pets

Alert | Antioxidants For Pets


Pure Grape Seed Powder For Pets

Alert grape seed powder is a great source of antioxidants for pets.  Antioxidants neutralize the effects of chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, heart disease, and arthritis.  The polyphenols found in our grape seed powder work on a microscopic level to hunt and eliminate free radicals.  The combination of micro elements, vitamins and fatty acids create a dream team in the defense against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  

Alert | Antioxidants For Pets is made 100% from grape seeds.  We eliminate all grape skin which can be harmful to pets.  Our powder is manufactured using cold pressing techniques.  The Cold-pressing method of oil extraction used involves no heat or chemical treatment and hence retains more health beneficial components.

Antioxidants also contribute to extension of life longevity (anti-aging).  The polyphenols found in grape seeds have been proven to slow the aging process and boost the immune system, fighting free radical damage.

Products Specifications 

The grape grain is sharp and hard as glass. Therefore, its consumption in dogs could cause health problems or death. Sharp particles easily adhere to the appendix or small intestine, causing inflammation or death. In conventional grape grain milling, particles 400 microns in size are formed. They have a chipped stone-like structure, do not absorb water, and sharp shapes are extremely dangerous.

Thanks to our nanotechnology, we can break a grape grain down to 60 micrometers. The individual particles have round shapes and an interrupted structure. This mechanically altered structure can absorb water. When polyphenols are applied for food, eating is excellent even at daylight hours


Flavonoids are important compounds with a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which are produced in greater amounts, especially in medicinal plants, and are among plant pigments. Its effect is widely studied mainly due to the positive effect on the cardiovascular system. From this point of view, our polyphenols can be classified as raw materials with a high content of these substances of 3.93 ± 2% mg QE / g. From the results of the analyzes we can affirm that the sample "Polyphenol" shows a strong antioxidant activity, which is comparable to the activity of medicinal plants and spices 9.77 ± 2% mg TEAC / g. For a better imagination, we also present activity values calculated in% radical inhibition: 77.44% ± 0.09 values greater than 60% are taken as high antioxidant activity

Serving Instructions:

We suggest speaking with a pet nutritionist or veterinarian.  Talk to them about your pet's current nutritional requirements.  The recommended dosage:

 Dogs - 5 grams twice weekly

Cats - 3 grams twice weekly

Horses - 30 grams three times a week