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Donna's Story

Donna's Story


Donna is the Daughter of Blanca, and Mother to Daniel.  From Medellín Colombia, she currently lives in South Florida where she works as a dental hygienist.  Donna is passionate in her pursuit of travel, art, dining and entertainment.  She also makes it a priority to spend time with and maintaining strong bonds with friends and family.

Donna's Story - Travel Pictures

Donna and her Mother Blanca were our first clients outside of our circle of friends and family.  As a new brand her support and feedback really provided the assurance that our products provided some noticeable benefits.  In recognition of Donna’s loyalty to our brand I invited Donna, her cousin Maria, and Blanca to take part in the first client appreciation day.  We made plans to meet in Islamorada and visit the sandbar over the Memorial Day weekend

Donna's Story - Shots from Islamorada

 At Zi Dobre we really value our clients.  We are delighted every time a client shares the results they see from using our products.  Donna and Blanca shared some truly inspiring stories regarding the benefits they noticed using our grape seed powder and grape seed oil.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share Donna’s Story.  We hope you find the information helpful…

How did you hear about Zi Dobre?

On a TV show you and Adriana were talking about Zidobre and all the health benefits for the skin.

 What are some of the benefits you and your Mother have noticed using our grape seed products?

Younger looking skin!!  I suffered from mild acne and it’s completely gone. My skin looks definitely looks healthier.  My mom feels better overall. She used to complain about mild headaches and they have improved a lot. She feels great drinking the powder seed everyday.

What do you look for when choosing health & beauty products.  

Plant based, organic/natural.

What is your favorite travel destination and where would you like to visit next?

I love Europe in general, but I enjoyed Greece so much. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots.  I would love to visit the Amalfi Coast. It’s my next stop

What is your favorite Colombian dish?

Bandeja Paisa is one of the best dishes in Colombia and It’s my favorite.

What are three of your favorite songs?

Pa"lla Voy by Marc Anthony

Volver Comenzar by Marc Anthony

Simples Corazones by Fonseca

What are three of your favorite spots to eat & drink in Miami?

Bonsai Thia & Sushi

Meraki Greek Bistro

Espiatorio Milos by Costas Spiladis